Artist: Judah


Location: Cambridge
Genre(s): Hip Hop,R&B,Soul
Age: 20

“My name is Judah, I'm a 19 year old soul singer from Cambridge. I feel like the best way to describe my music is that it is a story, words and melody. A lot of the songs I write are drawn from personal experiences and therefore the music needs to reflect that and the emotion behind it.” Born in Nigeria, Judah grew up in Cambridge with a strong passion for music and performance. From a young age he performed and studied songs by Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and other RnB artists.  As he grew up his vocal style became likened to notable soulful voices from Barry White to Melvin Franklin of The Temptations to Jake Isaac.  'I Will Wait' the EP, features four raw, soulful, emotional songs. Stories of past experiences and self reflection, the first being the upbeat 'Hard To Love You', followed by title track 'I Will Wait', the soulful 'A Journey' and the final, sweet 'Will I Be'. The EP is the first release from Judah and can be found on Spotify, iTunes and all other major streaming services.



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about 1 year ago

Title track for the EP I Will Wait by Judah

Genre: Soul


about 1 year ago

Music Video for 'I Will Wait' performed by Judah Video by: Owen Barbet

about 1 year ago

Lyric video for the track 'Hard To Love You' by Judah Video by: Dave Monis

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